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Welcome to the Newlands Toy Library!

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Opening Hours

Wednesday 7.30 pm - 9 pm

Saturday 10.30 am - 12 pm


Newlands Community Centre
9 Batchelor Street, Newlands     Wellington


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The aim of the Newlands Toy Library is to provide families in our community with access to a wide range of entertaining and educational toys, puzzles, and games. By joining Newlands Toy Library, you can save money by borrowing toys instead of purchasing toys that your child may not like and reduce landfill waste from discarded toys and packaging.

We stock toys from approximately 0-8 years ensuring your child/children have the opportunity to play with numerous toys throughout their childhood.

We have a range of toys (up to 1000!) including infant toys such as play mats, exersaucers, outdoor toys such as bikes, small slides, scooters, rocking horses, small trampolines, and other larger toys such as play kitchens. We also stock many puzzles, musical toys, and costumes.

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We are a community service, operated by a voluntary committeeWe are a registered charity. If you would like to donate, email us at Donations are tax-deductible. 


We aim to offer affordable toys. However, if you are struggling to pay the annual fee or can't afford to join the toy library, please contact us as there may be options for members who are under financial stress. 

Our Sponsors

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TG Macarthy Trust

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