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Borrowing toys

We have a simple philosophy, to make borrowing toys as affordable and as easy as possible.

We have a wonderful range of toys including:

  • Large and small ride on's

  • Puzzles and games

  • Dolls houses

  • Puppets

  • Kitchen and food items

  • Train sets

  • Dress up's

  • Sandpit toys

  • Duplo and blocks

  • Big and small baby toys

Members may borrow up to 5 toys for a 4 week loan period.

Borrow the big toys.jpg

Only one big (Z class) toy may be borrowed at any one time as these are the most expensive toys.


Ask our librarian to learn more about these toys.

Toys are issued by our Librarian. You will be given a printout listing the toy number, how many pieces are in each toy, and the date they are due back.

While all toy pieces are counted when you return them, it is recommended that you check any toys you hire, as you are responsible for all pieces listed with the toy. If you find a discrepancy between what you hired with what is listed please get in touch with our Librarian as soon as you can.

Members must supply batteries when borrowing battery-operated toys.


Missing pieces/ Broken toys

Please do your best to look after our toys. If you notice one is in need of a repair then feel free to repair it yourself or raise it with our Librarian when you return it.

If anything is missing or broken then please let our Librarian know straight away. You will only be responsible for the pieces that are actually with the toy when it is issued to you. You will be given an extension of another 4 weeks to find any missing pieces before any fines are given.


Cleaning toys

The toys you borrow must be cleaned thoroughly before returning them to ensure the next borrower has a pleasant experience. Toys are cleaned and counted once a year in our annual stock take and we aim to have toy cleaning days at least once more during the year.


Returning toys

Members return their issued toys 4 weeks or less from their issue date. Please check this date carefully as you accrue late fees if the toys are returned late. When returning the toys please:

  • Complete all board puzzles and return them flat and completed

  • Remove any batteries you have put in

  • Clean and dry all toys

  • Count all pieces BEFORE you leave home

  • Hand the toys over to the duty counter

  • Tell the Librarian your member number and what toys you have returned - especially if you are only dropping off toys.

Please note: children are currently unable to accompany parents or carers to the Toy Library.

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