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We need members to help our librarians during opening hours.

A roster is produced for each school term. Our membership coordinator sends out a draft roster before the start of the term. Members rostered on can change dates if needed. Once the roster has been finalised, it's up to individual members to organise swapping a duty with another member if they are unable to help on their rostered day. If you have any trouble swapping a duty then please email us.


What does a duty entail?

The main function of our helpers is to count the toys and their pieces as they are returned. We rely on our helpers to accurately count all the pieces and let the Librarian know if anything is broken or if any parts are missing. During quiet times, helpers can browse the shelves and put toys back.


Annual Christmas and New Year shutdown

We close over the Christmas and New Year period for approximately 4 weeks from mid-December to mid-January. We send out an email to all members advising them of the shutdown dates by mid-November and outlining how the hire system works for our annual shutdown period.

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